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'Breaking Free' Digital Bible Study

'Breaking Free' Digital Bible Study

You can't trust God and worry at the same time. But why does it sometimes seem so much harder to trust God than it is to incessantly worry about the problems in our lives?

Well it's because our mind thinks it's running the show, when actually our spirit should be. We allow our physical being to talk us out of what God says we can (and SHOULD) do. Did you know that living in a state of worry, stress, or anxiety is actually disobeying God's Word??

It wasn't until my 40s that I realized 'being a worrier' isn't how I was created, and that I did not have to succumb to the pit of fear and anxiety that my mind tried to regularly throw me into

I always heard people say 'just change your attitude about things' and thought 'Ha! That's easy for you to say. I am a worrier to my core.'

And then the Lord showed me His way of doing things. 

I still can't believe that I can actually feel peace during a difficult situation or trying time in my life, when those things used to weigh me down like a lead balloon. 

Being a slave to worry, stress, anxiety, and fear is not the life that God wants us to have!

His best for you feels joyful, peaceful, light, and not dependent on what is going on around you

Sound impossible? I promise it's not.

Since taking the time to dive deep into the Bible, finding out all it has to say about worry, stress, and anxiety, and then actually applying it to my life I finally feel FREE.

I want that for you too. 

God knew that we would struggle with this, and He has filled His Word FULL of ways for us to overcome it.

Let's dive into all of that goodness together, and come out refreshed and relieved on the other side. 

It is truly life-changing.

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