The Grace Over 40 Midlife Collective
Uncover Your Purpose Workshop

Uncover Your Purpose Workshop

Uncover God's calling on your life, discover His path for you, and make your life the greatest story you'll ever live!

Ready to find your purpose?

If you are midlife I bet it's something you have started giving more thought to.

I recently recorded a podcast episode for my podcast (Grace Over 40) and I talked about the fact that I don't think that's coincidental.

👉🏻 In fact, I think that God deliberately stirs those feelings up in us at this point in our lives because midlife is meant to be a time of transition where we move from baby-raising and/or career-pursuing to figuring out (and walking in) our calling.

I believe that this is a CRITICAL PIVOTAL time in most women's lives, and what we do right now could make or break our future.

So it's SUPER important to not only acknowledge these feelings of wanting to connect with a greater purpose, but also to actively try to do so.

Most of us could use a bit of guidance on how to go about that. Enter 'Uncover Your Purpose'.

    💖 One thing I know for sure: God has a beautiful plan for your life, but if you get side-tracked midlife you might miss it.

    That's what happens to a lot of women after 40. They start feeling restless and instead of being intentional and exploring positive changes they begin to make decisions that aren't good for them.

    Those choices then lead them FAR from where they were ever meant to be, and it can take years to course-correct. (I speak on this from personal experience unfortunately.)

    💥 There's a MUCH better way to handle midlife restlessness.....

    In ‘Uncover Your Purpose’ I’ll walk you through nine bite-sized lessons that will help you uncover God's calling on your life, discover His path for you, and get you ready to boldly step into your purpose!

    👉🏻 This faith-based workshop will help you....

    • begin to figure out what you were created to do
    • get clarity around that big dream or idea you can't stop thinking about
    • get feelings of unfulfillment or restlessness sorted out
    • understand how you can best utilize your gifts and talents to make a difference
    • guide you toward God's path for your life

    Be sure you move forward in the RIGHT direction. To get started just click on the button below.

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    I'm ready to connect with my purpose!

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