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Midlifery Membership Program

Midlifery Membership Program


Are you restless and uncomfortable? Wondering where the 'old' you went, and trying to figure out this 'new' you?

Midlife can feel difficult. We begin to feel overwhelmed, trapped, not sure of who we are, and not sure what to do to move forward.

The well-defined roles of your past are fading into the distance (along with your waistline, your energy, and your short-term memory) and in their place comes uncertainty about who the heck you are now, and how to be the best version of whoever that is.

You don't really know what the answers to your problems are, or why no one prepared you for this awkward middle stage of life.

Your priorities are changing, your mind is changing, and your mood changes faster than your social media stream.

Are you wondering if this is even normal, and thinking that it sure would be nice to get some guidance right about now?

Then you're in the perfect place....

Welcome to Midlifery Midlife Academy, a faith-based membership program where we dive head-first into all the challenges of midlife to help you find your footing, and get you back on the road to living your very best life.

Midlifery will help you stop spinning your wheels midlife, and give you a step-by-step plan for a total midlife makeover so you can have the healthy body, closer relationships, peaceful mind, self-confidence, and joy-filled spirit that you've always wanted.

(But we're doing it nice and bite-sized piece at a you won't feel like you're just piling a bunch more stuff onto your to-do list!)

And if you're like me the one word you would use to describe midlife is 'overwhelm', and overwhelm

For me, this translated into a midlife crisis of epic proportions because I had no idea what to do about it. And it took me about ten years to course-correct afterwards.

👉🏻There is SO much change at this time in our lives, and we really need help with sorting out all the things.

Midlifery will show you how to change your life by properly taking care of your body, mind, and spirit during this new phase.

✨But we'll do it in a way that feels natural and simple to do.✨

Each month a new content 'bundle' is released that contains three faith-based modules, including one from each of the three program pillars:

  • spiritual growth
  • emotional support
  • physical wellness

You can work through these modules at your own pace, and also choose how you do so, with both written and audio versions of the lessons available.....

In addition to the written lessons, Midlifery also goes where you go with an audio feed of the lessons available to you as well. It's set up like a podcast feed so there is no logging in required. This makes it super easy to listen to the lessons wherever you are. No being tied to your computer! You can learn and get inspired anywhere!

Here are just some of the things we will work through together in Midlifery....

  • get unstuck instead of spinning your wheels with specific direction to help move you forward, along with ways to implement it in your life
  • stop feeling invisible in your own life by learning how to show up as the best version of yourself in every aspect
  • know how to best take care of your midlife body from the inside out so you can improve your energy levels, increase your clarity of mind, decrease moodiness, balance your hormones, get healthy, and stay healthy
  • increase your self-discipline and become a finisher
  • experience more closeness in your relationship with actionable steps to help you reconnect with your partner
  • stop beating yourself up because of past regrets, guilt, and shoulda-coulda-wouldas with powerful guidance on how to kick self-doubt to the curb and focus that energy on bettering your future
  • increase your confidence by learning how to get back in touch with....and appreciate....the woman you are NOW
  • grow your faith through faith-based studies on how to partner with God to bring more peace, joy, ease, and excitement into your life
  • become who you were created to be by learning how to go from living RE-actively to living PRO-actively and aligning yourself with God's plan for your life

What others are saying about Midlifery Midlife Academy....

💖 "I read over all (the lessons) on Sunday and then am going over them again each day and doing the exercises. I then pray on it. I am sure that we are all in good company with the issues we are having and the topics at a nutshell, midlife! Loving the time spent in the word and in your studies, Julie."

💖 "I am already LOVING Midlifery it is wonderful. I am taking time out of my day to do the lesson and even journal (Which I haven't done in FOREVER.) I feel like you are so right about so many things in this journey, and can't wait to learn all you have planned for us in this course!"

💖 "I am seeing that I am not alone in this, that it is normal. I feel better both mentally and physically!"

💖 "I am in a much better place thanks to you! I have found the confidence to go back to dance, and feel healthier. I also know that everything I feel at times is all part of this crazy Midlife part of have shown me that even when I think I am not loved, that I am always loved, and I belong. I will never be able to thank you for that!!" 


What's Included?

  • Three new modules each month with bite-sized lessons and actionable steps that will help move you forward without making you feel overwhelmed
  • Access to the Midlifery Vault which contains all of the previous months' modules and lessons 
  • Access to the Midlife Nutrition and Wellness Vault which is chock full of healthy eating tips, meal ideas, and tons of wellness resources on supplements, getting good sleep, reducing stress, and a ton of other topics!
  • An audio feed (private podcast) so you can listen to all of the modules and lessons on the go
  • Access to other Grace Over 40 paid products including courses, studies, and workshops covering a wide-range of spiritual and midlife topics

Past Modules
(also included in membership)

  • The Midlife Map: 5 Essential Focuses
  • Midlife Marriage Challenges
  • Rediscovering Yourself Midlife
  • Bring Your Mess! (Hot messes welcome here!)
  • Reducing Worry, Stress, and Fear In Your Life
  • Getting Unstuck Midlife

  • Hormone Havoc
  • Inflammation and Gut Health
  • The Best Midlife Eating Plan
  • How to Age-Proof Your Body
  • Midlife Nutrition and Wellness Vault

  • Activate Self-Worth
  • Activate Self-Discipline
  • Activate Trust
  • Uncover Your Purpose

With all of this goodness inside I hope you are realizing that Midlifery is your midlife crisis escape plan, and that you shouldn't be trying to do midlife without it!

Don't leave the rest of your life to chance. It's time to start crafting a beautiful future.

***The Midlifery membership is a monthly membership that will automatically renew on your sign up date each month. Cancellation requests must be received at least 7 business days prior to this date in order to be processed before another payment is drafted. Full or partial refunds cannot be processed after the money back guarantee period expires (see below).

Sign up and dive in. If after a week in Midlifery you feel as though it is not right for you I will happily refund your money in full. No questions asked.
(Just be sure to email me at within the first seven days after you join.)

Ready to take the crisis out of midlife??
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6 Modules

November Bundle (Emotional Support Module): Getting Unstuck Midlife

In this module you will get crystal-clear on what might be holding you back midlife if you feel stuck.

We'll take a deep dive into exactly WHY you feel stuck, and you'll come away with some action items that you can implement right away so you can begin to see (and feel) real change in both your life and in your spirit.

(This is the content from my 'Unstuck & In Motion' mini course.)

November Bundle (Physical Wellness Module): How to Age-Proof Your Body

You've heard me say it before, and I'll say it again.....never has it been more important to take good care of our bodies than it is midlife. 

In this module we will look at ways that we can both protect our bodies for the future and help them to perform optimally right now! 

November Bundle (Spiritual Growth Module): Uncover Your Purpose

In this module we will walk through uncovering God's calling on your life and discovering His path for you, so you can make your life the greatest story you'll ever live!!

(This is the content from my 'Uncover Your Purpose' workshop.)

December Bundle (Emotional Support Module): A Peaceful Holiday Season

There are so many stressors this time of year. Even though Christmas is meant to be the most peaceful season of the year sometimes it feels like anything but. 

In this module we will look at some ways to preserve our peace even when dealing with some common holiday challenges, and we'll learn to enjoy the beauty of the season as it was intended. 

December Bundle (Physical Wellness Module): Navigating This Decadent Season

Known as the biggest diet-busting, weight-gaining period of the year, the Christmas season can definitely throw some food challenges our way.

But with just a few shifts you can make sure that you still get to enjoy all the goodness that the season has to offer without regretting it all come January.

December Bundle (Spiritual Growth Module): Modern Day Lessons from The Christmas Story

Does The Christmas Story just seem like some far-away tale from a far-away time that doesn't really resemble modern day life?

In this module we will look at several lessons from The Christmas Story that directly affect us even today! There are some great reminders here. Don't miss them!

Modules for this offering 6
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