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'Activate Self-Disciplne' Digital Study

'Activate Self-Disciplne' Digital Study

This estudy and corresponding workbook will help you learn how to take control of your time and your tasks so you can make the best use of them and move towards your goals without constantly veering off track.

This study can....    

  • stop the pattern of being constantly distracted
  • give you tools to get past 'never really getting anywhere'
  • push you past the pattern of doing things halfway and then quitting
  • empower you to move past feelings of being ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward
  • help to reform even an expert level procrastinator
  • help put an end to regularly avoiding things you really need to do because you just don't ‘feel’ like it

Each Activate! study includes a guide, a workbook, and an implementation step for each day to get you well on your way to a happy, more meaningful life.

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