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I'm Julie. 

I'm a Jesus-y rockerchick, lover of all things retro, and a midlife warrior on a mission to help women over 40 navigate what I call the 'messy middle', and find their way to making the second half of life really count!

Here you will find all of my faith-filled workshops, studies, and programs to help get you unstuck, avoid a midlife crisis, and get you moving forward into the life God has for you.

So be sure to check out the below to get help with ALL of the midlife things. It can be a bumpy road sometimes, but I'm here to help you get it sorted.

Be sure to also check out my podcast (link below) where real-talk meets faith. This ain't your mama's Christian podcast! It's unedited and unpolished....just like real life.

Thanks so much for being here!

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Available Offerings

Midlifery Midlife Academy

Midlife can be tough. Body changes, role changes, hormone changes, and all the rest can leave us feeling unsure of our ourselves and our identity in this new phase of life, and wondering what is next for us. How can we make the rest of our lives meaningful?

Here in Midlifery you'll learn how to best take care of your body at this stage, get help with some of the emotional 'curveballs' that midlife throws us, and grow spiritually through faith-based studies on topics that are important to us right now.

Unstuck and In Motion Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you ditch confusion, monotony, and overwhelm so you can move forward into your next best thing!

Uncover Your Purpose Workshop

This workshop will walk you through uncovering God's calling on your life and discovering His path for you, and show you how to make your life the greatest story you'll ever live!!

'Breaking Free' Digital Bible Study

A Bible Study to help women over 40 overcome worry, stress, and anxiety

'Activate Self-Worth' Digital Study

A roadmap to ditching self-doubt and fully embracing who God says you are

'Activate Self-Disciplne' Digital Study

A faith-filled roadmap to staying focused, motivated, and on track 

My Offerings Available Offerings
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